12th APRIL 2023 - Sali's puppies we're born today, they are healthy and hungry! 5 BOYS & 2 GIRLS, Phone Judith on 07414 863488 for details





11th SEPTEMBER 2021

Sali's scan showed at least 6 puppies today, if you're interested please ring us on 01685872044 for details, Thanks


29th April 2020

Sali gave birth to 4 Boys and 3 Girls today and all seem to be thriving very well at present, will show Sali & puppies progress on here....



21st April 2015

Libby's puppies appeared early this morning, first was at 4.45am! She has 9 fabulous puppies, 7 Girls and 2 Boys who at present seem to be feeding OK and doing very well overall, as soon they look a bit more presentable we'll place loads of pics on here,so keep watching! Thanks  

If you are interested in purchasing any of the puppies please phone us for details on 01685872044, Thanks again


19th April 2015

Here we are patiently waiting for the puppies to appear, not yet, but as soon as they 'turn up' we'll let you know on here. When in whelp if the Mother suddenly stops eating then something should happen within the next 24 hours BUT Libby just demolished a full bowl of food! 


20th March 2015

Libby had a scan today and there were a number of puppies showing, they are due to appear on 17th April, please contact us on 01685872044 for more information



I can't believe I'm typing this

We lost our Allez today 29th August 2014 through pyometra http://www.vcahospitals.com/main/pet-health-information/article/animal-health/pyometra-in-dogs/915 .She was due to return to the vets today and have an operation performed which would give her a chance but it seems it wasn't to be. We have lost a very special dog who was very gentle and smart in everyway, we will miss her dreadfully, especially at her favourite place - http://www.darevalleycountrypark.co.uk 


9th February 2014

Libby gave birth to 4 girls and 2 boys today, all are doing fine as is Libby now after an exhausting time!


5th January 2014

Following a scan on Libby today there appears to be 4 to 5 puppies evident. She has another scan next Wednesday, we will report back then. This is a repeat mating, same parents as our Griff's (Morgold Magwitch) litter.

Please click on the following link for their pedigree.....


31st May 2013

Our Griff (Morgold Magwitch) was entered in the Minor Puppy Dog class at Southern Counties Championship Dog Show today and in a class of 6 dogs he came FIRST!!

We are very proud of Griff but he has (and me!) still got a lot of ringcraft training to do...although in his defence he was the youngest in the class at 6 months and just 1week old. - GO GRIFF!


16 November 2011

Quote from the British Veterinary Association "Hip Scoring should be considered along with other criteria as part of a responsible breeding programme, and, ideally, breeders should choose breeding stock with hip scores WELL BELOW the Breed Mean Score (BMS)", for Golden Retrievers that BMS is at the moment 18. Libby has just had her certificate of scoring back from the BVA and her score is 12 - well below the average of 18.